How TommyInnit Gained 7 Million Subscribers In 1 Year (Genius Strategy)

How TommyInnit Gained 7 Million Subscribers In 1 Year (Genius Strategy)

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TommyInnit is just a minecraft kid from the UK, but he's exploding in growth. How much does he make? And how is he taking over? Is it all down to Dream and the Dream SPM? Or perhaps he's beating the youtube algorithm

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Video Notes

TommyInnit alongside Dream and the Dream SMP is speedrunning YouTube. he truly is a youtuber mastermind. But how is he beating the algorithm? How did he gain 7 million subscribers in 1 year?

So a lot of you may be wondering... how did Tommy get the opportunity to collaborate with Dream in the first place? Dream is a nice guy…but he doesn’t just make videos with anyone. He only had 200k subscribers. Tommy has mastered YouTube Storytelling.

However...while tommy’s editing and storytelling mean he’s getting great retention….this doesn’t explain how his videos are getting picked up in the first place……...which takes us on to factor number 2 - Tommy is hacking you tube’s recommended system

But there’s still a piece missing. Something that the only the very top youtubers understand….and that is factor number 3, tommyinnit is a branding genius….If you look at TommyInnit 's channel page, the first thing you’ll probably notice is all the thumbnails look exactly the same

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video