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Reacting to Justin Bieber's New Album 'CHANGES' in its entirety in one sitting!!

My Ranking of top 6 best tracks on the album (for now):

1. Running Over (ft. Lil Dicky)

2. Come Around Me

3. Second Emotion (ft. Travis Scott)

4. Take It Out On Me

5. Changes

6. Forever (ft. Post Malone)

These joints are straight flames 🔥

My reaction to these songs on the album clearly illicit how I feel and showcase the whole mood and vibe of this album dropping and just being excited about Bieber taking over the pop-charts once again.

Big shoutout to those of you who rock with me on these reaction videos from start to finish y'all are the real MVP's of Youtube and I love and appreciate you guys for real for real.

Once again would truly appreciate it too if you would drop a Like and Subscribe it means the world to me and motivates me to keep making these videos for you guys.

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