Living Together On $118K A Year In Philadelphia | Millennial Money

Living Together On $118K A Year In Philadelphia | Millennial Money

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Ashley Chorath, 27, makes $60,000/year and Andrew Tiu, 31, makes $58,000/year. The couple works as resident physicians in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The couple has been on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic and seen first-hand the toll it takes on both patients and health-care workers. They’ve also cut their expenses dramatically (Chorath has nearly $180,000 in student loans left to pay off), gotten engaged and are now preparing for Chorath to move to Washington, D.C. this summer to start a new residency in psychiatry.

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Although the couple live a full life together in Philadelphia, where they like to try new restaurants and explore the city by bike, money is always top of mind. But it’s also a topic that unites them, as they learned early on in their relationship that their financial values are closely aligned.

After completing her first year of residency in Florida, where she grew up, Chorath accepted a position in Philadelphia. In her excitement about the move, she changed her location from Florida to Philly on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel in May 2019, and she soon matched with Tiu.

They immediately clicked and paragraphs-long text conversations turned into talking on the phone for hours since they couldn’t meet in person. The pair discovered that they have a lot in common, even outside of their profession, from the cultures they grew up in to their shared faith to their penchant for saving money.

By the time Chorath arrived in Philly that June, they knew they wanted to be together. “We ended up meeting the day after I moved to Philadelphia ... and since then we’ve been inseparable,” Chorath says. Tiu proposed on Chorath’s 27th birthday in June 2020, and they hope to get married in 2021, pandemic willing.

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Living Together On $118K A Year In Philadelphia | Millennial Money