Giant Ghostbusters Game in Real Life to Trap Real Ghost! | Rebecca Zamolo

Giant Ghostbusters Game in Real Life to Trap Real Ghost! | Rebecca Zamolo

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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays use Ghostbusters disguises in their new house to save her best friend!
Rebecca Zamolo and her husband Matt Slays finally open the secret tunnel in our new house and are surprised by their best friend Daniel. He had been trying to contact them since the Extreme Trust Challenge Off Balcony In Real Life! (Rebecca Vs. Game Master Agents) but their iPhone SE isn’t working. Now, the haunted tunnel has released ghosts that must be trapped. Daniel brings ghostbusters disguises to defeat every ghost. The best friends sneak downstairs and spy on the agents. Scary ghost has taken over Agent S’s body and Agent R turns into jealous ghost. Zoe shows up with the magnetic key to unlock the mystery room and see who’s trapped inside. We see a ghost and try to hide and seek but prank ghost takes over Matt. Daniel escapes to the hacker room to secure lockdown while Rebecca and Zoe spy on the secret ceremony with Mr. X. He wants to be Key Master. Rebecca pretends to be Liar ghost and attends a dinner. She uncovers information about their strengths and weaknesses and must learn how to destroy them. It turns into a chase and the Red Hood Scary ghost surprises Rebecca. Rebecca Zamolo uses the key to find her missing cousin Maddie. Daniel uses funny diy pranks to rescue Matt. Daniel, Matt and Rebecca are facing our biggest fears with Liar ghost but it is not real. Finally, liar ghost is trying to trick us but we don't trust her. Angry ghost makes us get stuck and it turns into a battle royale. Mr. X wants the key and Zoe helps him using the recactivator. RZ Twin saves the day by giving Daniel an EMP so we can destroy the ghosts in the pool. We barely escape in a real ghostbusters car. Will RZ twin stay missing? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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