How children can benefit from Covid19 Lockdown in Nigeria.

Published by : MentalForte
We want to share with you some of what we have learnt during covid19 lockdown 2020
I have learnt that our brain is what controls everything we do and what we will become in life. It will determine how far I go and how well I will do in life. How I use my brain now will determine how my future will be so I have to protect it by doing the right things at the right time.
Yes, we are not in school but our learning must continue. Apart from learning our school work, there are other things we need to learn as children that will make our future great and bring out the best in us and help us to conquer this COVID-19 crisis or any other challenge that may come our way again.

Too much of playing digital games and social media is not good for our developing brains. It consumes your valuable time, that time you should have used for more important things. It is very distracting. It affects our attention and the ability to remember things. That is our memory.
Even though we are not in school now in Nigeria, does not mean we should do whatever we like whenever we want. It is not good for our developing brains.
Structuring your day means having a timetable for all your activities for each day and follow this timetable. That is, there is time for everything.
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