12 Insane Superhero Gadgets On Amazon

12 Insane Superhero Gadgets On Amazon

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Who says you have to be a superhero to wield a lightsaber or own something magical? Not us! The world is full of nifty inventions and gadgets that are sure to leave you feeling like a superhero. There are robots you can control with your hands, Pokeballs to help you become a Pokemon master, and a special device to help you with all your time traveling escapades, but if you're a fan of the dark side maybe you'd like to talk about it with Deadpool or take help from Thanos himself!

In today's video, we'll talk about 12 of the most insane superhero gadgets that are on sale on Amazon.

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12. Mjolnir - https://geni.us/zh32vr
11. Arc Reactor - https://geni.us/BJf9Av
10. The Force Band - https://geni.us/L9NFwz
9. Droid Bot - https://geni.us/g9Nc
8. Captain America's Shield - https://geni.us/vlENW
7. Pokemon Plus Pokeball - https://geni.us/Ouosf
6. Iron Man MK50 - https://geni.us/Lqiu
5. Black Panther Head Gear - https://geni.us/oS8tHZ
4. Deadpool Headset - https://geni.us/qS8DE
3. Iron Man's Helmet - https://geni.us/aAR6
2. Time Turner - https://geni.us/CYuNcW
1. Thanos Gauntlet - https://geni.us/wC72

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