Gina Carano Fight Tribute (MMA \ Muay Thai)

Published by : ItalianTina
New Gina Carano Video.

Youtube took the original music away so i had to add one from youtubes library i am very sorry. Please check out my new tribute link above thanks.

Gina "Conviction" Carano is one of the best female fighters in the world. She holds undefeated 7-1 MMA record and a 12-1-1 Muay Thai Record. She was the first american women to win a title in Thailand for Muay Thai. She is my favourite fighter and i look up to her very much so i made this tribute . Hope you enjoy!

This Video Includes The Following Fights

Gina Carano VS.

Kelly Kobold
Kaitlin Young
Tonya Evinger
Julie Kedzie
Alanah Maxwell
Rosi Sexton
Latacia Pesterova
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