If These 10 Moments Weren't Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It

If These 10 Moments Weren't Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It

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If These 10 Moments Weren't Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It

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We know that cameras are everywhere. They are used in drones and for surveillance as cameras
are often the last word in criminal cases and they can help protect the innocent. Then again
sometimes they feel like a bit of an invasion of privacy. Regardless of your feelings on camera,
one thing is for certain, every once in a while, they catch something truly unforgettable, and had
it not been caught in a camera, no one would believe it. Today, we are looking at 10 such videos
that were caught by cameras. Number 1 will definitely take your breath away! Let’s begin:
Number 10. Invasion of privacy
many people have expressed their fears that drones are a plague that could even endanger lives.
This clip doesn’t show a drone endangering lives, but it is definitely an invasion of privacy.
Here, a person, probably a man, is flying his drone for unknown reasons. As the drone goes up,
an innocent old woman in her apartment looks at it and waves. But that isn’t all. As the drone
flies up, it captures a woman lying topless, sunbathing on her private rooftop. After noticing the
drone, she quickly gets up and runs after the drone, trying to take it down, but fails because
unlike the drone, she cannot fly. This really is an invasion of privacy.
number 9. unwelcomed roommate
All couples fight at times when it comes to food, because food is more important than any
relationship. Actor Joe Cummings from Manhattan, New York, confronted his girlfriend when
he noticed food, he wasn't eating kept going missing. But after his partner denied it, the guy set
up a hidden camera in his kitchen to find out the truth. And it was utterly creepy. Night-vision
footage shows a woman drop down from a hard-to-reach cupboard above a door. She carefully

places her feet on a nearby table before quietly stepping onto a stool and then down to the floor.
The intruder then walks over to Joe's sink and urinates in it before opening his fridge and raiding
it for food and drinks. She then appears to sit on his sofa to watch television before hitting the
fridge for further snacks and returning to her hideaway hole. Joe phoned the police and the
woman was arrested and later discovered she had been living in the cupboard for two weeks.
How creepy is that!?
Number 8. Sunbathing on Turbine
Most people make the most of the summer by sunbathing in their backyards. The boldest ones
take their bodies to the park and show it off to the rest of us, but this guy really took it up a
notch. An incredibly eye-catching video posted to YouTube, shows Kevin Miller's drone
checking out the area at the sky-high level and stumbles upon a man, wearing zero safety
equipment, soaking up the sun on top of the turbine. The man is woken from his nap from the
noise of the drone, sits up, gives a wave, and looks rather perplexed as the drone moves in to get
a closer look. Talk about a great view! If you aren't afraid of heights, this might just be the best
sunbathing spot in town! Apparently, he didn’t want to be disturbed and wanted to be as close to
the sun as he could. Thus, he climbed all the way to the top of a wind turbine to get sunburnt.
C’mon man, get off of it!
Number 7. Versailles wedding hall incident
Imagine it’s the best day of your life as you are finally getting married, but all of a sudden the
floor comes down. A disaster occurred in the Versailles wedding hall in Jerusalem during a

wedding when the dance floor collapsed, causing many of those in the room to plunge to the
floor below. The floors of the hall were built in the Pal-Kal method, a system of building
lightweight concrete floors that had been banned before the wedding hall was built as it was
proven to be unsafe. This tragic incident killed 23 people were killed and 250 were injured,
including the bride. The groom escaped serious injuries and was seen carrying the bride after so
incurred serious injuries that required surgeries. This was considered the worst building disaster
in the country’s history, and the event was recorded on a camera and was broadcasted to the
world. Not the best day of the couple’s life, after all.