10 Rare Humans That Are One in a Million

10 Rare Humans That Are One in a Million

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10 Rare Humans That Are One in a Million

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They say there’s something unique about every person, but, looking at some, you might
involuntarily think that they got the whole, unique package. We’re all a little bit weird, some
more than others. There are those, however, who go past casual weirdness and enter the ranks of
the epically bizarre. They are rare enough to be called “one in a million” or maybe even a billion.
Today we are looking at 10 such rare humans are one in a million. Number 1 in a real-life
popaye, so stay tuned for that!
Number 10. Heaviest legs
Mandy Sellars is a 45 years old English woman who was diagnosed with a rare disease, which
caused her legs to swell up and reach an extraordinarily large, morbid size, which prevents her
from even walking. Her legs and feet alone were estimated to weigh as much as 210 pounds.
Yes, you heard it right, 210 pounds! Unfortunately, the progressive growth of Mandy's legs led
to an infection at one point and a part of one of her legs had to be amputated, and that's when the
miracle happened. After the amputation was done, her left leg started to grow at a very fast pace,
and over the course of 2 years, her left leg had grown so much that it became too big for her
prosthetic limb. Mandy then started to take some trial medications which managed to regress her
legs and shrink them up to as much as 150 pounds. Despite all her hardships and struggles,
Mandy is determined to never lose hope no matter what happens next. What an incredibly brave

Number 9. Rubber-man

Garry Turner is an individual with a conditioned syndrome known as the Ehlers-Danlos
Syndrome. Because of this syndrome, his skin has become loose and can stretch to a huge extent.

This syndrome also made his skin very weak because of which he was able to hold on to it and
extend to a huge extent. This syndrome has resulted in him having the stretchiest skin in the
entire universe among all the other human beings. This syndrome of his was discovered by his
family when he was a toddler. Later on, they chose to make light of the situation and turned it
into an interesting aspect of his personality. It was further entertained by his family when they
made him perform various tricks in front of family members and friends with his skin. He is still
famous for this physical aspect and there are various photos of him in which he can be seen
flaunting his skin and ability to stretch in a slightly horrifying yet very astonishing manner.

Number 8. Horn queen
This woman had the most unusual feature mostly seen in animals before. Zhang Ruifang first
noticed the horn on the left side of her forehead developing in 2009 – and it grew up to be around
6cm long in just a year. The horn was actually ‘cutaneous horns’ – growths made of keratin, the
same substance that makes up fingernails. Rhinos have the same thing on their head. Although
most cutaneous horns are only a few millimeters in length, some can extend a number of inches
from the skin. Zhang said she turned down offers to have them removed – because she’s never
had so many well-wishers and visitors at her home in Lilou. Zhang became famous around the
world for having a rhino horn. She died at the age of 94 in 2014
Number 7. Tree man
Abul Bajandar suffers from a rare medical condition called epidermal dysplasia verruciformis or
the tree man syndrome. This disease causes Abul to grow strange outgrowths on his limbs that
look exactly like the branches of a tree. The condition is so rare that only 200 people from
around the world have been diagnosed with it to date. Poor Abul is suffering from this medical

condition for 20 years since he was diagnosed with it when he was just 10 years old, and when
he first noticed the branches growing out of his hands, he tried to cut them, which didn't
unfortunately work, and he landed up in the hospital. This condition of his hands doesn't let him
perform even the simplest tasks of everyday life, for example brushing his teeth or holding a
spoon. He also had to quit his job as a rickshaw driver as he was unable to do it with such a
condition of his hands. Abul has undergone several surgeries and used many topical creams but
none of them worked for him.