I Hide From Everyone On Valentine's Day. There Are 5 Reasons Why

Hello! Rene is here with you! I don’t want to look like one of these toxic girls from YouTube, but I have a certain point of view that I would like to share with you. Well, I — I hate Valentine's Day! And believe me, I can easily explain why EVERYONE should hate it.

I am now nineteen years old, but my hatred stems from my childhood. I was in a child care center, and our teacher decided to celebrate Valentine's Day together with all the kids that were there. So she taught us how to cut beautiful, well-decorated Valentines from multi-colored napkins. And after that, we were free to gift our artwork to somebody we liked. We were little kids back then, so it was not about any romantic feelings, it was just a good idea to help children express their feelings and offer friendship to each other. But I was one of those kids who could fall in love already in childhood. And there was one boy ... Bob ... or Ben? It doesn’t matter now. I liked him, so I used the lesson on Valentine designing as a call to action. I approached this boy and handed him my Valentine — it was very beautiful, by the way. He accepted my gift, but then ... He had probably caught a little cold, so he sneezed, and then he loudly blew his nose into my Valentine napkin. I don’t think he meant anything bad or tried to offend me ... but can you imagine how horrible I felt at that moment?! I decided that I would never give anyone a Valentine ever again. Childhood trauma, you know. And over the years, I've only become more convinced that this was the right decision.

So, here’s the first reason why I hate Valentine’s Day: if you have friends who are in some kind of a RELATIONSHIP, they put incredible pressure on you on this day. I am a pretty sociable person, I have a lot of friends, and many of them have been in a relationship for a long time. So, when this stupid day comes, they all seem to go crazy! You see, I am single and usually feel fine about this fact. But on the eve of Valentine's Day, everyone, literally everyone, considers it a necessity to remind me that I don’t have a boyfriend. Sometimes they don’t even mean to do it. Like, I have this friend Wendy, and she has a boyfriend Will. I hang out with them pretty often, but on Valentine's Day, I simply cannot stand them. They cuddle the whole time, they start calling each other stupid baby nicknames. And during this time, it’s impossible to go to the movies with them, because there they don't even look at the screen at all and don't talk about the movie afterward. I feel very awkward and ashamed when it comes to their behavior. And before the holiday, Wendy and Will constantly bother me with questions about what Valentine gifts they should give each other. I have no idea! Hey! No idea!!! And, as if that’s not enough, every year Wendy “suddenly” realizes that I'm single. SURPRIZE! So she tries to arrange a date for me with some loser and gives me some advice on how to pick up a guy. Come on, friend, you hooked Will because he was your neighbor and you have known each other since childhood! Are you sure you're good at picking people up?

The second reason — on Valentine's Day, all your SINGLE friends are putting pressure on you, too. Yes, it turns out that both sides are equally impossible. My other friend's name is Patti. I believe that she is a great girl, but, like me, she still does not have a boyfriend. And you can’t even imagine the extent of her suffering because of this! Although I am absolutely sure that SHE is the only reason that she still hasn’t met anyone. Patti is very shy and not confident and she does not know how to talk with guys. And every damn year, on the night before Valentine's Day, Patti starts to frantically text me in every messenger app that's available. By this time, I am usually already in bed, so I don’t answer right away. But Patty doesn't give up. She starts to call me! She believes that as her friend, I have to listen to her when she is feeling down. This is, of course, true, but… every year I have to listen to her sobbing on my smartphone until dawn! Maybe one of you is interested in meeting her? All the other days of the year, Patti is completely fine, take my word for it. And she's really pretty. If you are interested, please reach out to me in the comments.

Reason number three is that on Valentine's Day, a lot guys suddenly start to think that they have a chance with you. Yep, as if Saint Valentine himself would help them from his cloud. Oh, please don’t think I am bragging, because there is nothing to be proud of, but I have always had a lot of admirers...

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