Cebu Pacific A319 RP-C3198 [email protected] Airport Bohol (rwy 35) Mar.9,2013

Published by : SEAL Sea Air Land
Watch this video in HD.Cebu Pacific (5J) A319 RP-C3198 Departure/Take Off @ Tagbilaran City Airport,Bohol (runway 35) March 9,2013.Re-converted M2T video format to MP4,reducing the format to mp4 made the video quite blurred. .M2T video file is far better in terms of "HD" than mp4. Up to now,uploading .m2t file to Youtube is not allowed.Other related videos: **Cebu Pacific A319 Crosswind landing/Arrival @ Tagbilaran,Bohol (Mar.9,2013) **Zest Air A320 RP-C8996 Departure/Take Off @ Tagbilaran Airport (rwy 35) Mar.9,2013 **Zest Air A320 RP-C8996 Landing/Arrival @ Tagbilaran Airport (rwy 35)Mar.9,2013 **Airliners Departing off Tagbilaran City Airport,Bohol (Mar.9&15,2013). **Crosswind Landings @ Tagbilaran City Airport,Bohol (Mar.9 & 15,2013)
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