FULL O'REILLY SHOW: Memorial Day Weekend - No Spin News

Published by : Bill O'Reilly
On tonight’s rundown:
- A new study says 36,000 American lives could have been saved from earlier action—a close look at that and the role of the World Health Organization.
- Confirmed Coronavirus deaths in the USA reach the projected 95,000—but the big story is how the virus was really able to spread in New York City.
- The CDC now says Coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ via contaminated surfaces and released new reopening guidelines.
- President Trump heads to Michigan as barbers protest the lockdown by cutting hair on the Michigan Capitol lawn.
- Senate panel issues subpoena in Hunter Biden probe—and Pelosi blasts the GOP for it, elevating the story.
- Kamala Harris wants to ban phrases like ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘Wuhan virus,’ and ‘Kung Flu’ – this will never pass — and yes, she has a chance to be VP.
- Your humble correspondent had a question on ‘Jeopardy!’ – prayers to legend Alex Trebek who is battling cancer.
- Bill’s Final Thought: celebrities exploiting the pandemic
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