2nd Stimulus Check Update: Larger Stimulus Checks | $1,800 Unemployment | Work From Home

2nd Stimulus Check Update: Larger Stimulus Checks | $1,800 Unemployment | Work From Home

Let's address the second stimulus check updates and stimulus package updates for today, July 29th. There has been a lot of talks about what is coming in regards to future stimulus and I want to explain why it is not as simple as just passing the next stimulus bill...

Stimulus Package Update July 28th:
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I know you are waiting for more second stimulus check news and I promise I will give it to you as very quickly. As of right now, there isn't a lot of talks around the 2nd stimulus check. The reason there isn't much talks about the 2nd stimulus check is because both parties are currently agreeing on it. Once there are a few sticking points between the Democrats and the Republicans then it will come time to work out the final details of the next stimulus check.

I know many of you are wondering - Will I receive a stimulus payment?
Right, you are wondering this exact thing...Well, as of right now there are a lot of stimulus payments being proposed to business owners. If you are a business owner then you will come out far ahead in the HEALS ACT bill that is being hammered out right now. If you are not a business owner then there will still be some stimulus payments for you, but they will be in the form of a stimulus check and unemployment benefits.

In today's video I don't mention the HEALS Act stimulus that much as I still find it difficult to navigate. The HEALS Act has a lot of stuff in the bill, but many of the items are not extremely clear as to how they will function. It is because of this that I don't report on everything inside of the HEALS Act bill.

One thing that you need to understand is that since the stimulus bill released on Monday, the Democrats have had 2 negotiation sessions and out of those 2 sessions it is reported that nothing is really being agreed upon. I mention this to you so that you understand why this negotiation process is taking so long. If this bill doesn't get negotiated then there will be no vote for it and if it doesn't get voted on, then it will not pass and become a true bill.

At the end of this video I mention that you should not just watch my channel for stimulus news, you need to watch others as well. Here are the 3 people that I highly recommend you watch when it comes to updated stimulus news.

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