I Caught My Dad Secretly Filming Me (he saw too much) | This is my story

I Caught My Dad Secretly Filming Me (he saw too much) | This is my story

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Hi, I’m Christine, and a year ago, I caught my dad doing something so disturbing I thought child services would arrest him.

You see, since I was a baby, it was only me and my dad. My mom died while having me and we were left alone. We never had a great relationship, he seemed cold, not interested in me. He never expressed any emotions and some of my friends even said that they don’t really want to come to our house, because he seems creepy. And keeps staring at us. But this year, he really went over the line. So much that I thought about running away! During those couple of months, he was even more silent. Sometimes, we wouldn‘t talk for days. He would just sit in front of the TV and I’d see him glancing at me, watching me. It creeped me out. I felt anxious. I started slacking, my grades got bad. On one of these days, my teacher called my dad and said that she doesn‘t know how to encourage me anymore. That I seemed distant, anxious like I don‘t really sleep that much. My dad was furious. He came into my room and told me that I need to get my life together. This won‘t do.

From that day on, every morning, we would have to sit together and he‘d watch me eat. He‘d get me from school the second that classes finished. He‘d check up on me every hour to see what I was doing. We wouldn‘t talk, he didn‘t say anything, he wouldn‘t even let me argue. It was his way or no way. I felt trapped, I kept thinking that maybe it‘s just his way of showing love, but my opinion changed very fast when I noticed another horrifying thing he was doing.

One day, we got back from school, like usual. I couldn‘t really sleep that night, I was pretty tired so as soon as I got home, I lay on my bed. I was staring at nothing really, trying to keep my eyes open, and I noticed a black dot right in the middle of my ceiling. I’d never seen it before and the more I looked at it, the stranger it seemed. At first, I thought it was a hole but I realized it wasn’t. It was shiny.

I figured, even if it was nothing, investigating it would wake me up a bit. So, I grabbed a chair, and stood on it and looked closer. It was definitely not a hole, but almost more like a little glass bubble. And then I realized what I was looking at - it was a camera. In my bedroom ceiling!

I panicked. My dad wasn’t home, so I went to the living room and waited for him to come back. It was agonizing waiting - the longer I sat there, the more horrible thoughts I had. I mean, it’s my bedroom! You know, you get changed and stuff in there, nobody is supposed to be able to see you doing that stuff! After an hour or so of waiting, I decided that he won’t tell me even if I confront him. I will make him confess. I will make him confess and tell on him to child services. I will no longer have to suffer this horrible man.

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