🔴Friday's Half Dollar Hunt Live Stream - Happy Valentine's Day!

Published by : RobFindsTreasure
PayPal Donations For Rolls: [email protected]
SuperChat is also OK during the stream if you want to be recognized or have questions and/or would like to send support 😊!

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The same e-mail is for sending your shipping address when you win something!
Send full name, full shipping address and your screen name to [email protected]

Doing another Live Stream tonight while hunting Half Dollars!
Feel free to just watch, ask questions or support the channel through donations.

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We typically have Contests or Free Give-Aways during and at the end of the stream. The period for the contests and giveaways is from the moment the stream goes Live on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evenings at 6:00PM Central Time until it ends on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Evenings, at or before 11:30pm Central Time.

We have give-aways when we reach 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 Likes! (Estimated Retail Value of the Give-aways (GAW's) vary from $3-$35 each. Winners are not able to substitute the cash value for these prizes)

💥For Mat Purchases:

🔴I've changed the format a little bit to make it more exciting!

Silver Bags NOW have all marked Coins so you have a 100% Chance of getting something pulled!
5 Silver Dimes, 3 Silver Quarters, 5 40%'ers, and 3 90%'ers.

Paypal Tiers:
$25 = 5 Half Dollar Rolls, 1 40%'er, 1 Dime and 1 Silver Bag Pulls
$50 = 10 Half Dollar Rolls, 1 90%'ers, 1 40%'er and 2 Silver Bag Pulls
$100 = 20 Half Dollar Rolls, 3 90%'er and 4 Silver Bag Pulls
$250 = Whole Half Dollar Box! 6 90%'ers, 4 Quarters and 11 Silver Bag Pulls

Be nice, support everyone and let's have some fun!

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Thanks for watching!

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Note: If a box is a full box of NIFCs (2002-present half dollar coins) or mostly a full box of NIFCs, that box will be void as there will not be any point to look for silver.

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