15 Times Animals Took Revenge On Humans #2

15 Times Animals Took Revenge On Humans #2

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Humans like using animals for profit or for sport. Some humans like to take risks and approach wild animals, but sometimes things do not go as planned. Sometimes humans go too far, and animals realize this, and they let humans know it. How do you think an Octopus would react if a diver got too close for comfort? What about wild pigs? Are they more polite than an octopus?

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Bears Vs Human

Bears do not usually go looking for trouble, but if they are provoked, they will not back down from a challenge. Not many things will scare a bear off, so whoever decides to tangle with one, better be ready for a little action! In this first clip, it does not look like much of a fight. This bear seems to be eating this man who probably was so curious he fell into the bear’s enclosure. Of course, people are yelling and trying to distract the bear and even hitting it with a metal stick, but the bear does not seem to care about anything but the man under him, who is screaming for his life. Obviously annoyed by all the yelling, the bear decides to sink his teeth into the man's back and drag him away from the crowd.

Help finally gets there and they manage to get the man out of the enclosure and to the hospital, I hope unless he feels like going to the next enclosure to look at the big cats. This next clip shows another vicious bear dragging another idiot of a man and biting him. People throw things at the bear but that just tickles it and makes it giggle. A rescue team finally puts the bear to sleep with a tranquilizer gun. In this next clip, a lost bear is on the street and people are panicking. The bear attacks a cyclist when some people hit it with sticks. The bear flees the other way. I do not feel sorry for this trainer because they are making this bear do ridiculous things for money and the bear just gets fed up, so he jumps the trainer. The other trainer tries kicking the bear, but that does not seem to work. Our last clip shows this sloth bear attacking its owner, but not much happens in the end.

Elephant Raid

Elephants are popular in countries like India and people use them for various reasons such as parades and festivals. But do the elephants enjoy this, or would they much prefer being left alone? Watch this horde of elephants raid this little village where the residents do not seem very happy. What about when humans cut all the trees in the jungle where the elephants live? These elephants on the road seem terribly angry with a man on the street. I would not want to be that man now. In this next clip, during a festival in Kerala, India, this elephant goes haywire for no apparent reason and takes a run at the people celebrating.

They better make sure it does not step on anyone. This next clip is quite disturbing. Watch as this elephant raises this man with its tusks and probably kills or injures him badly. This next elephant attack is insane! This elephant is hammering this guy into the grass and everyone is watching like they’re at the circus. This guy did not survive the attack. Send in the clowns! This next attack is small potatoes compared to the last ones we’ve seen, but I wanted to end this on a good note. This guy falls on his ass after this elephant swings its leg in the air. It didn’t take much for the guy to fall, but then again, it’s an elephant we’re talking about.