AOC 'far less vocal' about overflowing detention facilities under Biden

AOC 'far less vocal' about overflowing detention facilities under Biden

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Sky News host Rita Panahi says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is far less vocal about the influx of migrants on the US-Mexico border under the Biden administration.

“Poor AOC was so concerned about the issue that she shed tears looking at an empty road leading to a detention facility and made sure there was a photographer on hand to capture the moment so she could share it on Twitter,” Ms Panahi said.

“But somehow AOC is far less vocal about the issue of kids in cages now that there are far more of them under the Biden administration.

"Indeed detention facilities are overflowing thanks to the biggest surge in border crossings seen in some 20 years with huge numbers now in federal custody including around 15,000 children.

“The US is expected to see around two million illegal immigrants arrive this year alone thanks to the Democrats’ reckless rhetoric and policies.

“This week after being shamed into addressing the crisis AOC posted this bizarre explanation for the massive surge in illegal border crossings, apparently it's not Biden's repealing of Trump era laws behind the influx but climate change.

“But though AOC fails at lawmaking we must not underestimate her impact in adding to the race obsessed climate of hate and hysteria in the US or her influence in seeing the Democrats embrace reckless policies that have guaranteed a surge at the southern border.”