10 MCU Characters Who Will Never Die

10 MCU Characters Who Will Never Die

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10 Immortal MCU Characters

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Credit: Denis Zhbankov for the thumbmnail art!

Superheroes face constant danger and terrifying threats, but overall I would say their lifespans are quite robust! Sure you have some exceptions like Iron Man or Quicksilver, (RIP guys!), most of the time the hero is going to walk away from whatever battles they face. And since they’ll survive any attack, mostly because their name is in the title of the movie, there’s a question about how long some of them will live naturally. Today’s list is all about those characters who will never actually die in the MCU thanks to their powers or lifestyles.

Some have insane healing abilities that will keep them alive forever like Deadpool and Wolverine, who yes, both aren’t technically in the MCU yet but we all know it’s a matter of time. And they had to be included here because Deadpool’s healing factor is just insane! Others are more robot than actual person like Vision or Nebula which realistically means they never have to die as long as some spare parts are around, and others just have amazing powers, like Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch, which prevent them from truly dying.

All these folks and more make up today’s list all about characters who will never die. So go ahead and check it out. Once you’re done, be sure to leave a comment telling us if you agree or if there’s anyone that we missed! And of course, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome CBR content like this. Thanks for watching CBR!

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00:46 Deadpool
01:47 Scarlet Witch
02:48 Doctor Strange
03:44 Thor
04:56 Vision
05:56 Groot
06:42 Wolverine
07:44 Captain Marvel
08:34 Dormammu
09:17 Nebula

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