I Tattooed My Private Parts (it only got worse)

I Tattooed My Private Parts (it only got worse)

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Hey guys, My name’s Harper. I’m 19 now and a year ago, I got a ridiculous tattoo done on the craziest part of my body to piss off my parents.

My parents were always really strict. Like, super strict. I couldn’t hang out with certain friends because they had a “bad influence” on me. I had no sleepovers. I always had to be home at 6 pm. If I was late by 10 minutes, I’d be grounded for a week. Everybody was enjoying their time, partying, socializing, exploring different places and finding themselves. And I was sitting with my parents eating dinner in silence while they talk about what they saw on the news. And what infuriated me the most was that they were completely different with my brother. He’d go to parties and stay at his friends’ overnight. They’d keep telling me that it’s not how girls should act. Girls should stay humble and pure. Yeah, right. So when I reached 18...I just snapped, you know?

It started with small things. They usually controlled how I dressed, they had to approve every little thing I wore to school. So, I’d put revealing clothes in my backpack and I’d change in the school bathroom. It felt so good to finally break out of my shell that I started to do more things that I liked. I’d lie to them and instead of studying in the library, I’d go to the mall to meet my friends. But back then, I tried to keep my little rebellion a secret. Until they found out. During the parent-teacher conference, my teacher told them that my clothes look outrageous, so they went full-on dictatorship on me. Every morning, they searched my backpack, throwing all my things on the table, checked my phone and messages, asked me to take a picture of where I was and whom I was with any time they asked. I just couldn’t take it anymore. And this is where it all got crazy.

I started dating this guy that my friends introduced me to - Dean. He was super cool, he had tattoos all over and rode a motorcycle. So, one time he drove me home and they saw him. My mom went out, started yelling, lashing out at him, calling him names and threatening that she’s gonna call the police if she sees him again. Then and there I decided, what the hell? Why do I even bother trying to please them? I laughed, told her “good luck with that,'' hopped on the motorcycle again and we drove away. I heard my mom shouting like crazy from the distance and it felt sooo good. I felt free. But my adventures didn’t end there.

We went to his home and stayed there for the whole evening. My parents wrote me like a dozen messages, “You have 5 minutes. If you don’t come back, don’t bother coming home at all”. I read them out loud to Dean and we laughed. I took a picture of his home, filled with smoke and these dark painting on the walls and sent them, saying “I won’t”. My dad saw it and started calling me non-stop. I thought about blocking him, really. But it just felt so good to see them going crazy. Maybe they’ll know how I felt living under their roof and following their rules. And then I saw a tattoo machine on the table in Dean’s home. And I had an amazing idea! Now I really wish I wouldn’t have..

He told me that he does tattoos on his friends in his home, so I suggested, why not do it on me? Even better, why not do it somewhere he’s never done before, like just a little bit above my private parts. He got excited, too. We decided it should be a badass pair of wings since I was finally free. He started tattooing. And… I nearly cried. It hurt! It hurt so much. But I didn’t want to be seen as a cry-baby, so I tried to suffer in silence. After a couple of hours, it was done. And, honestly, I’ve never felt more alive and happy. But then, we heard a car pull up. I looked through the window and saw my parents. What the hell?

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