1888-2019 Premier League Points Race! Who wins it? United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, City?

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English Premier League historical points race. 130 years of football league, 1888-89 to 2018-19. Find out who started as champs and who joined later. Some surprising things you're going to find, some clubs you might think are very historic joined the race pretty late and some you might think have zero history were around for long.

The points were counted as they happened. Until 1980. the win was 2 points and after that it is 3 points. If tables were adjusted for 3 points per win for the whole history, there would be some differences on the final table, as teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham gained a lot by having some of their best times since wins are counted 3 points. SO, Everton would be in front of United and City would be in front of Tottenham and Chelsea.
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