MCU Heroes Who Will Become Villains

MCU Heroes Who Will Become Villains

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MCU Characters Who Will Turn Allegiances In Phase 4


Artwork By: @bosslogic

There are a lot of reasons for a villain to obsess on a hero, or a hero to find a particular villain so vexing. But no villain and hero rivalry matches the passion of a former friend turned bad guy. Whether they were just friends with the hero that found their way to the dark side like reporter//childhood friend Ned Leeds who becomes the Hobgoblin after a little brainwashing or a hero with a less than heroic personality like Hank Pym, good guys who break bad make some of the best foes in comics. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has filled up with some pretty classic heroes, but also with a ton of characters in their supporting cast, including a few that don’t end their stories on the side of the heroes they support now. Some are characters that have always been villains in the comics, like Nakia who instead of being a principled War Dog is a jilted Dora Milaje who becomes the villain Malice. Then there are the heroes who were never all that good at being heroes. We’re not talking about your run of the mill antihero who saves lives but in a less than heroic way, we’re talking about people who just...are kind of jerks. Whether it’s the temperamental and egotistical Hank Pym whose personality is less than heroic or the massive destruction machine that is Bruce Banner’s alter ego the Hulk who destroys roughly about as much as he saves. Here are the MCU heroes that have a dark path ahead of them.

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Justin Freitas
Edited by: Chris Chan Roberson

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