Push Notifications vs. In-App Messaging: The Difference Explained | Pulsate Academy

Push Notifications vs. In-App Messaging: The Difference Explained | Pulsate Academy

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Did you know apps that send in-app notifications have up to 3.5 times higher user retention rate in comparison to apps that don't. In this episode we discuss Push Notifications vs. In-App Notifications and in what situations you should use them.

In this episode you will learn:

0:21 What are the differences between in-app notifications and push notifications?
We examine the elements of both a push and in-app notification and what their main strengths and differences are

0:40 What are the advantages of using push?
We investigate the pro’s of using a good push campaign

1:03 What are the advantages of using in-app?
We describe the advantages of when and in what context to use an in-app notification instead of push.

1:54 What are the use cases of using in-app notifications?
We go through some use case examples of when to use in-app notifications.

2:33 How do you leverage in-app notifications in your app?
We show you how to leverage in-app notification to increase response rates from your campaigns

2:56 What is the optimum frequency for in-app notifications?
We reveal the optimum times and amount of notifications for the best response rates.

If you are using in-app or push notifications in your mobile marketing strategy, we’d love to hear your tips on your success.

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