Stop Charging Your Phone at Night, Here's Why

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It’s a basic thing – you want your phone fully charged in the morning so it’ll last through the entire day. And even with cutting-edge smartphones that can charge to max capacity in a matter of an hour, there’s no guarantee that you’ll remember to charge it in the morning while you’re in a sleepy daze.

Advice to leave your phone unplugged during the night may seem risky. The worst fear here is that your phone will charge down while you sleep and won’t see the dawn of a new day to wake you up like you’re used to. But still, you can’t go against the word of science. Leaving your smartphone on a charger is bad for it.

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Automatic switches don't solve the problem 1:20
How to choose high-quality chargers and cables 2:12
Is heat really bad for batteries? 3:32
Fully depleting the charge 4:07
A lazy battery effect 4:42
Charging a phone with a sound 6:13
Sodium instead of lithium? 6:33
How about gold batteries? 7:15

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- Even though lithium-based batteries are rechargeable by nature, and made with this process in mind, they’re highly vulnerable to constant interactions with high voltage electricity, like in the outlets of your house.
- There are automatic switches on your phone that’ll stop the charging process the very moment it reaches 100%. But when your phone naturally goes down to 99%, the charging will start all over again.
- Good, high-quality chargers have special chips in them that prevent overcharging. So it’s advisable not to skimp on chargers – this way you won’t spend much more money on a new battery or entire smartphone too soon.
- Overall, it’s always advisable to use good quality tech when it comes to something as expensive as smartphones these days.
- Heat is bad for batteries. That’s why it’s so harmful to your phone if you leave it in a closed car in the middle of summer.
- You’ve probably heard something about fully depleting the charge of your smartphone and then charging it to the maximum capacity. This is fair for devices from the past decade.
- Any modern lithium-ion battery won’t get lazy like a cadmium based one, so you don’t have to worry about that.
- Scientists and engineers promise that soon, we’ll have another kind of lithium-based battery that’ll be able to charge in a matter of minutes and last for more than one day.
- One of their new ideas is to make battery chargers that can produce energy from a Wi-Fi signal.
- And how about charging a phone with a sound? Using piezoelectric principals, tiny nanogenerators will be able to transform the surrounding sound to electric power. -
- Scientists from Japan are in the middle of a decades-long study that will allow replacing lithium ion batteries with sodium.
- Another idea is to use literal sand in batteries. Not quite literal though, as this battery will use silicon – the main component of the sand.
- But for now, the best course of action is to use good quality charging equipment, keep your smartphone out of the heat, and most importantly, keep the charge in it between 30% and 90%.

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