Call Of Duty mobile - 'Dual' Game play (John Wick Mode)

Published by : Synth-zero
I usually game casually as you can understand music is my primary focus. However, still, I managed to record quite okayish gameplay of mine which I felt is a bit different from the other regular gameplay.

So, I met a complete stranger in a COD dual and I asked if he likes John Wick. His answer was "It's my inspiration". We had a deal, that we will keep the whole match as much close-combat as possible. It's not perfect though, but, indeed, it was a great game.

Also, in the bonus section, I've shown another match with another guy. I tried to do it in the John Wick way (unfortunately he wasn't interested). So, only the Shotgun scene is a little Mr. Wick's style.

Background music: John wick mode - Le Castle Vania. Also, this video is not monetized as this was just made in my free time, solely for entertainment purposes.

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