10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

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10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

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10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

What’s the craziest selfie you’ve ever taken?
Was it a fun idea? An embarrassing moment perhaps!? Or was it a dangerous stunt?
Whatever it was, I really do hope it was worth it. Especially if it was more inclined towards the danger
factor, because sometimes the last snap, ends up being…the very last shot.
Hello and welcome to another episode of 100M where we’ll look at 10 most dangerous selfie trends.
But first, let me strike a pose and take a selfie.

#10. Jellyfish Selfies
Jellyfish may be soft, jiggly, and colorful in appearance, but they are some of the most dangerous
creatures you’ll encounter in the water. One species especially, the box jellyfish, is said to have a
powerful and painful sting that can prove fatal even to an adult human.
Despite being aware of how dangerous these creatures can be, divers and extreme photographers have
for some time been seen taking selfies while swimming in the midst of these spectacular but potentially
lethal creatures.
Photographer Nadia Aly’s selfies in the magical Jellyfish lake were particularly enthralling. She is seen
taking pictures of her encounter with hundreds of jellyfishes swimming around her. With some getting
so close to her head it might make you feel a little nervous.
Luckily, she got through it unscathed and had some really fantastic screensavers to show for it.

#9. Bear Selfies
Conventional wisdom advises us never to approach or attempt anything that might provoke a wild
animal as dangerous as the bear. But when the ‘bear selfie’ trend took off, campers, hikers, and
adventurers ditched the rule book and tried to pose for selfies with the dangerous animal just a few feet
behind them.
As more and more people in the US jumped onto the trend, putting themselves and the bears at risk,
the US Forest Service had to issue an official notice prohibiting ‘bear selfies.’
They warned that while bears can appear to be peaceful, cute, and cuddly, they are quite dangerous
when provoked. Getting into their space with selfie cameras flashing at them could be interpreted
wrongly. And things could end up badly for the intruder, really quick.
It’s important that tourists and thrill-seekers popularizing the trend remember that they are actually
dealing with wild animals.

#8. Bull Run Selfie
Dozens of selfies have been taken with different dangerous animals in the background. This man just
had to jump onto the notorious selfie trend in his own unique way.
You can see the unidentified man trying to take a selfie while participating in the Pamplona bull run
festival. The selfies he took must have been hazy, seeing as he didn’t share them online. We only have a
picture of him trying to document the epic event, with an angry bull bellowing within inches of him.
The runner damn nearly got trampled to death by the bulls as he couldn’t run as fast with his camera
phone raised high for the dangerous snap.
It was reported later that the local authorities had begun a manhunt for the runner since participants
were strictly prohibited from taking photos during the run. The authorities warn –and I agree with them
on this one – that runners taking selfies with the bulls charging behind them pose a threat not just to
themselves only but to other participants, and the bulls as well.

#7. Extreme Stunts
Some people never stop chasing the adrenaline rush.
Angela Nikolau is a Russian self-taught photographer known for her extreme ‘artistic’ pursuits. She
travels around the world trying to get the perfect Instagram shots to impress her 800-thousand-plus
She is often pictured performing the most extreme stunts like scaling impossibly high buildings or doing
some crazy yoga stunts on a narrow ledge.
And she would sometimes perform these jaw-dropping feats with her boyfriend. The most thrilling feat
the two have done together being the time they climbed the world's tallest crane in Tianjin, China.
They do their stunts without any safety equipment, armed only with a selfie stick and a camera.
#6. Volcano Selfies
For the telecaster who’s always covering extreme weather conditions, a nickname such as the “storm
chaser” befits.
Canadian presenter and adventure photographer George Kourounis is the storm chaser. His tweets and
Instagram posts document his extreme adventures; literally walking into danger zones just to snap the
perfect selfies.
In one of his tweets, George Kourounis posted a selfie that he took at the mouth of a bubbling volcano.

The selfie was taken at Ambrym Island in Vanuatu to the backdrop of the active Benbow volcano. He
had to climb nearly 1200 feet down into the crater to get a close shot of the sizzling molten rock.