[Lecture] Susan Jakes: China Behind the Headlines

Published by : Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
As China’s economy has grown over the last three decades, it seems more and more that the eyes of the world are looking East. But many questions still remain to be answered. How much longer will China be able to sustain this rate of growth? How will the government respond to calls for greater respect for human rights and individual freedoms? As tensions increase in the South China Sea and other areas, how can the United States and China find mutually constructive ways to work together?

With a keen journalist’s eye honed over years of reporting on China, Jakes possesses unique insight on the strengths and challenges of modern China
and will address these questions and more in the lecture.

Click here for the Q&A: https://youtu.be/1gtMPlyp5v4


Susan Jakes is an award-winning journalist who has covered contemporary China for the past decade. She joined the Asia Society in 2010 as an Arthur Ross Fellow and oversaw the design, concept development, and launch of ChinaFile, an English-language online magazine which publishes both original and syndicated writing, photography and film content on China.


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