The Fastest Speedster Superheroes Ranked (From The Flash To Marvel)

The Fastest Speedster Superheroes Ranked (From The Flash To Marvel)

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The Fastest Superheroes Of All Time Ranked From Fast To SPEEDY!

We’ve all thought about and argued over it. Some of us even bet on it. Who is the fastest on-screen Speedster? We’ve binged and surfed to track down the most promising and powerful whiplash inducing mutants, meta-humans and inhumans to rank the top ten. We’re not just going to talk about them in terms of their velocity, but also what their speed enables them to do. Some can run on water, and others can create electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Some can catch bullets in mid air, and some can move so fast it makes them untouchable in a fight. Some can even travel through time and voyage interdimensionally, making their story possibilities seem almost limitless as they can even create new timelines.

In order to make sure this list doesn’t get out of control, we are only allowing ourselves to pick one character per franchise, and from that we will showcase the fastest and most powerful iterations of that character. That way we don’t just end up with ten characters from the same television show or movie. And the characters must be able to run really, really fast.
Watching speedsters has been a universal fascination since time immemorial. Even people who say they hate watching sports will tune in to the 100 meter dash. This is because it embodies the human body’s physical manifestation of freedom. Running fast is the closest we’ll get to physically flying, and that’s why stories about speedsters will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: JB

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