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Gina Joy Carano is an American actress, television personality, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist. Carano began her training with straight Muay Thai to competitive MMA, where she competed in Strikeforce and EliteXC. ~ Wiki

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EN/ Sooo... had a dm that went along the lines of “what kind of women’s MMA channel is this with no Gina video etc...”, of course I already had planned to do one at some point but figured ‘why not’. Had a rough idea how it would be mapped out then stumbled upon the awesome opening track (which I eventually had to “extend”) and everything came together pretty nicely. Wished the older fight footage had been uploaded at a higher resolution though but hey, thats how Youtube rolled back then🕺🏻



*I do not own the rights to either footage nor music. Purely for entertainment purposes.
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