Orphan Baby, Baby Monkey Nina Eating Rambutan Fruit Like Grandma 99 Years Old

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Orphan Baby, Baby Monkey Nina Eating Rambutan Fruit Like Grandma 99 Years Old

Why did I choose this KAKO name?
That is because this name is the name of my lovely dog that lived with me about 10 years ago.
When he passed away, It was the first time I cried since a long time.
So, I decided to name this baby monkey KAKO in his honor.

He came from a wildlife hunter’s family At Ro Neam forest in Battambang province Cambodia.

When my family visited him, I instantly saw something special in him and knew that he needed to be loved and taken care for.

Baby KAKO is a hybrid monkey. He is clever lovely cute adorable and very funny.
Therefore, I asked to adopt KAKO from the hunter.

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