How I Won Skeppy’s Hardest Ever Minecraft Challenge

How I Won Skeppy’s Hardest Ever Minecraft Challenge

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How I Won Skeppy’s Hardest Ever Minecraft Challenge...

This Skeppy Challenge was instantly Difficult, even for P0LAND. Harder than the Dropper event, Spleef challenge, Ultimate Hunger games challenge, and a lot more!

As Always, Thank you @Skeppy and @BadBoyHalo for hosting these Minecraft Challenges. These videos would not be possible if not, for the work that they put in to host these events for the Minecraft Challenge/Event community.

=-= Check Out =-=
=-= Check Out =-=

The Premise of This challenge was Simple. Skeppy and BadBoyHalo Trap 100 kids, you have to Parkour from side to side. Last one standing wins!

I Upload Alot of These How I Won Videos So be sure to check them out :D

If You Don't Know what A skeppy event is:
Skeppy Event's happen every 2-3 days where 150 players battle it out for a grand prize of $1,000(Sometimes for $0). These challenges range from Parkour, Pvp, To random minigames, and sometimes just plain out luck.

POV Used:

Not a Minecraft Tournament, Minecraft Youtuber Tournament, Skeppy Speedruns, Minecraft but lava rises every minute & I Won, Skeppy Dropper challenge, Skeppy Ultimate Hunger Games, or a spleef challenge. This is Skeppy's hardest ever challenge.