Where are the Car Trek cars now? Updates on all 12

Where are the Car Trek cars now? Updates on all 12

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Find your next car on AutoTempest: https://vinwiki.com/r/autotempest21
The ad for @Ed Bolian's Gallardo: https://bit.ly/3cv7zb5
The story of Ed's Gallardo - https://youtu.be/2cjzI2M7eQc
The story of the backup Gallardo - https://youtu.be/DhOkpvuskU4
The story of Ed's Vanquish - https://youtu.be/xBPqFZfAQL0
The story of Ed's Maserati - https://youtu.be/mTkrwNHrdm0
Watch Car Trek here: https://vinwiki.com/r/cartrek

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