Parasite Island | Episode 1 | September 8, 2019 (With Eng Subs)

Published by : ABS-CBN Entertainment
Two decades ago, an earthquake strikes the small island of El Cuerpo. Soon after, a menacing force causes the mysterious disappearance of two locals at the town’s lake. In the present, Jessie (Rafael Rosell) goes through his regular routine as a paramedic. As he considers turning his life around in the hopes of reuniting with his wife, Janelle (Ria Atayde), he recalls a painful part of his past. Meanwhile, the residents of El Cuerpo prepare for the birthday celebration of their beloved neighbor, Daria (Liza Lorena).

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Episode Cast:
Rafael Rosell (Jessie) / Bernard Palanca (Gary) / Michael Flores (Warren) / Bianca Manalo (Melba) / Ria Atayde (Janelle) / Desiree del Valle (Queenie) / Liza Lorena (Daria) / Kaori Oinuma (Lia) / Charlie Dizon (Princess) / Paulo Angeles (Miggy) / Fino Herrera (TJ) / Zeppi Borromeo (Otap) / Niña Dolino (Stephanie) / Lou Veloso (old man in El Cuerpo) / Ian Galliguez (Whitney) / Althea Aranea Cuestas (Jessie's daughter) / Cheska Iñigo (young Daria) / Alvin Fortuna (Tony) / Heidi Arima (Rhoda) / Zyren Dela Cruz (young Jessie) / Heiden Francine Venice Biscocho (young Janelle) / Uno Madrid (young Warren) / Noel Comia Jr. (young Gary) / Junyka Santarin (young Melba) / Art Acuña (Miguel) / Maila Gumila (infected woman) (With English Subtitles)

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