How to Connect a Kitchen Sink Drain

How to Connect a Kitchen Sink Drain

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Showing how the pros connect a kitchen sink drain and demonstrating different venting methods. Tips, tricks, and proper drain and venting methods.

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Lenox Plastic Hand Saw:
Reed Tubing Cutter:
1/2" Chrome Escutcheon:
2" Chrome Escutcheon:

There has been a lot of questions regarding the basket strainer installation. I created a video that will hopefully help clear up any questions. How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Strainer:

Common basket strainer styles/models
Top Flange: Between top of sink and basket strainer
1. Plumberโ€™s Putty
2. Kitchen/Bath Silicone
3. Foam Gasket
4. Thin Rubber Gasket (roughly 1mm thick)

Bottom Flange: Between underneath sink and pressure cup
1. Thick Rubber Gasket (roughly 3-4mm thick)
2. Ridged gasket (common on plastic basket strainers)
3. Nothing

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