JUMP INTO THE FLOATY RING | Swimming pool impossible shapes challenge

JUMP INTO THE FLOATY RING | Swimming pool impossible shapes challenge

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Jumping Through Impossible Shapes brought us an idea with the rubber ring world record.
Likely the scariest day at the pool for me that lead me to the doctors office... Jumping through a tiny tube from 10 meters sounded like a great idea until I actually went up to the platform and looked down. Watch until the end to see if I was able to set a new World Record into the rubber ring!

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00:00 Intro: top-6 dives into water tubes
00:48 The roughest diving day in Jim's life
01:20 Rubber ring vs water tube
01:36 World Record: jump into tube from 10 meters
02:12 Top-6 dives into water tubes from different heights
02:20 Front flip into water tube
02:29 Shotglass trick
02:55 Jump into float from 3 meters platform
03:15 Dangerous dive into tube from 3 meters
03:55 Head first dive into double floats
04:10 Gainer into pool float from 3 meters
04:28 World Record practice jump from 5 meters
05:05 WR practice jump from 7 meters
05:28 Injury from 7 meters?
06:29 Day 2: WR practice jump from 5 meters
06:46 WR practice jump 1 from 10 meters
07:01 Jumping into water tube from 10 meters pt2
07:30 Attempting to set the World Record
07:53 World Record jump from 10 meters pt2

I spent so much of my nerves while filming this episode, please comment below what did you like the most!

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