The legacy of MacMally and shared rib recipes with Gina Carano

Published by : Drake Riggs
MacMally is arguably the most notable MMA Twitter comedian and personality in the MMA community that isn't affiliated with a fighter or media outlet. He's built his following simply by being an entertaining follow and voice of the people. And along with that has provided some pretty great stories.

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0:05 - Name
1:34 - His great cooking skills
3:50 - How got into MMA
6:54 - UFC Rio Rancho
10:50 - How much MMA actually watch?
13:35 - Why made a Twitter account
17:25 - Feel committed to providing comic relief?
18:22 - How many notable MMA figures have reached out to?
21:08 - Ever want to get into media?
22:03 - Most popular tweet
25:03 - His dog's account
29:28 - Video games/his incredible UFC game talent
32:09 - Life less exciting without Twitter?

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