10 Amazing Robot Animals That Really Exist

10 Amazing Robot Animals That Really Exist

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10 Amazing Robotic Animals

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Technology has really come a long way! And a great way to see that is through the creation of robots. We all played with remote controlled cars at some point and a lot of us today have drones - these pretty much represent the basic concept of robotics: they are machines that perform tasks as they follow our instructions. But what we see in stores doesn’t compare to what is happening inside the labs around the world. Everyday, groups of engineers come together trying to find ways to further develop robotic projects, which a lot of them are inspired by things in nature. Today I’ll be showing you 10 Amazing Robotic Animals - some of them can be easily mistaken for a real animal! Stay tuned all the way to number one and see how far technology has come!


The Smartbird is an ornithopter, which is pretty much an aircraft with flapping wings. It was designed by Festo’s Bionic Learning Network. The Smartbird can take off, fly and land by itself, which makes it a very autonomous robot. It’s one of the robots that best imitates the flight of real birds. Its wings in fact, not only flap but can even twist. An electrical motor in its body, allows its wings to move in a vertical way. When you look at it, the Smartbird can fly almost as perfectly as as an actual bird. From far, you might even think it’s a real one! The Smartbird is a robot that can help researchers understand the birds' flight better, and even improve the way in which airplanes are designed. It can also help in the further development of drone technology and other flying robots in the future.

The Bionic Ant

The Smartbird is not the only robot that Festo has created. They’re actually one of the leading companies in the development of robotic animals. Next on this list, I have another one of Festo’s creations: a swarm of bionic ants. These ants, that are 13 centimeters long, have been designed like real ants, not only on the outside, but also in their behavioral patterns. These ants can communicate with each other to carry on tasks as a community. They come with a small camera within the eyes region and some monitors which allow them to move and perform. They have two batteries that allow them to function wirelessly for up to 40 minutes. If the battery runs out, they can step to the dock and recharge through their antennas.

The Bionicopter

And once again...another creation by Festo! I really want to introduce you to other companies, but the team at Festo is really good at making robotic animals! The bionicopter is one of the most efficient flying robots due to the fact that it is more maneuverable than the others. It’s also known as “The Dragonfly Robot” - although with a body of 19 inches long, it’s quite larger than the real insect! However, this robot moves its wings just like the creature that inspired it. This robot can fly to the front, to the back and make an abrupt stop in mid air. The bionicopter is a great example of what wireless communication can become. This robot can follow commands in real time thanks to its sensors that allow it to assess its surroundings at the same time it receives instructions. This robot is not only smart and efficient, but it’s also very good looking - Its body is covered in blue polyester, which makes it a very beautiful and elegant robot.

The Bionic Kangaroo

When you think of kangaroos, the first thing that might come to your mind is...Australia! But also the way they jump from place to place. With the bionic kangaroo, the creators have implemented a mechanism of repercussion that allows the robot to recover, store and use energy with every jump - just like a real one! The bionic kangaroo is smaller than the real one, and is controlled through an armband that tracks the arm gestures of its bearer so the kangaroo knows where and when to hop. This robot, however, is not meant for you to have it at home, so don’t expect to see it in stores yet! Festo designed it with the hopes of finding ways to use energy more efficiently in the creation of new tools. Since having a pet kangaroo is not really a thing, I do hope they sell this robot to us one day!

Butterfly Robots

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