How A Septic Tank Works: Septic Tank Treatment | Organica Biotech

How A Septic Tank Works: Septic Tank Treatment | Organica Biotech

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Septic Tank maintenance is extremely crucial & can get cumbersome.

Organica Biotech's Bioclean Septic & Bioclean Septic Plus contains septic tank enzyme-producing bacteria that are capable of completely degrading fecal matter.

Septic tank cleaning products contain a consortium of septic tank enzymes. The use of chemical-based cleaners impacts the microflora in septic tanks thereby leading to ineffective septic tank cleaning. The regular addition of septic tank bacteria and enzymes helps recharge the tank with essential microbes that maintain a healthy septic tank.

The bacteria and enzymes in a septic tank maximize the degradation of fecal sludge thereby reducing the odor and clogging issues which helps boost your septic tank cleaning. It breaks down the waste and liquefies the sludge build-up in the septic tanks.

Bioclean Septic is a formulation that degrades fecal matter and is effective in septic tank cleaning. While Bioclean Septic Plus contains 5X power microbes that can degrade fecal matter and food waste.

Avoid the stinking smell of leaking septic tanks with the powerful solutions of Bioclean Septic and Bioclean Septic Plus from Organica Biotech. The microbial formulation degrades waste effectively and keeps the septic system healthy. Get to know more at:

The beneficial bacteria recharge the tank & accelerate the natural process of sludge breakdown. Just one dosage every month clears the gunk in the plumbing system & reduces sludge accumulation in your tank. Regular maintenance with Bioclean Septic and Bioclean Septic Plus prevents septic tank failures.

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