He Was Underwater for 2 Days With No Food or Water

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Imagine for a moment that you’re lost in an underground cave. You have no food, but plenty of fresh water to sustain you. There’s a catch, however: your partner, who’s gone for help, hasn’t returned for a few days now, and you’re quickly running out of breathing air. This is a true story of Xisco Gràcia’s dangerous ordeal in the Spanish caves.

Gràcia is a 56-year-old geology teacher. He’s spent many years as a scuba diver in the caves that make a huge network beneath Mallorca. Almost every weekend he takes his gear, calls on one of his diving partners, and goes on another underground adventure, mapping the mysterious hollows of the island. Bur even for such a skilled scuba diver as he is, underground caves can pose a real threat...

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The bad sign 1:06
Who will remain in the caves and wait for help? 2:56
Something went wrong — again! 5:28
How Gràcia's brain was playing tricks on him 5:54
How long he spent in the cave 6:24
And this is how that ended 6:47

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- It was to be just another routine dive for him and Guillem Mascaró on April 15, 2017. Gràcia prepared for the expedition as thoroughly as usual.
- Either of the divers had four tanks of air on them, each designed to last an hour.
- Everything was going according to their schedule — they still had plenty of air to swim around and safely get back. But then the unimaginable happened.
- First, as the two divers were exploring the chambers, they accidentally bumped into each other at an intersection and stirred the silt on the bottom of the cave.
- Barely able to find their way around, Gràcia and his partner oriented by touch but couldn’t find the guideline. This was a bad sign.
- They decided that Mascaró would be the one to go. He was thinner and needed less air, while at the same time Gràcia had more experience breathing carbon dioxide-rich air of the caves.
- At last, they said their goodbyes, and Mascaró left for help. Gràcia, in the meantime, set out to explore the chamber where he would have to wait for his partner.
- But something went wrong — again. Hours passed, and still there was no news from his friend.
- The worst began when he started seeing things that weren’t really there. His brain was playing tricks on him — he was hallucinating.
- As he was thinking about how his life would end, he suddenly heard a sound. The air bubbles in the water. He didn’t get too hopeful at first, discounting it as another hallucination, but soon he saw a diver’s light getting closer and closer.
- It turned out that Gràcia really spent more than 60 hours in the cave. Guillem Mascaró safely found his way out and immediately gathered a search party, but the visibility in the caves was so poor that they spent too much time getting their bearings.
- Today, two years after the ordeal, he’s still alive and well, and continues exploring the caves underneath Mallorca.

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