ODDS&ENDS (Wonka Nerds)【David Toth】「初音ミク & ryo」

Published by : Bread Box
I am not even a real man.

Hello everyone, this is David punching in to let you all know that I'm working on a pretty big project that'll take a bit longer than normal to complete. In the meantime, here's this I guess. I have no idea what this is, don't ask. I'll post some little things while making the MASSIVE project, but it'll be a little bit so enjoy this ARTFUL rendition of odds and ends in the meantime~

Also be sure to follow WILL STETSON as we will soon be starting the Summer of Content, posting an English cover of a vocaloid song every day for 3 months.


Really this video is an excuse to put some news out there. Also it's the single best idea I've ever had in my short lifetime.
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