MR AND MRS SMITH 2 [HD] Trailer - Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie (Fan Made)

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Hey guys I would like to make it clear that this is a fan made trailer. This trailer is not REAL. That means it contains clips from other movies, put together with special effects using Wondershare Filmora video editor and Picmaker ( photo editor.

Creating this video take days to produce and publish. I do lots of research and takes a lot of time. The thumbnails and posters you see are originally created by me. (Follow me on twitter @Macamtvofficial to get more details of my work.)
Editing Details:

This is one of those films part of my childhood. I chose the music from THE FREE GUY film called "Fantasy". Because of how unrealistic this romance action film is compare to modern world, however this is what makes this film great. Another big thing about this film was their interview. So I used Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt interview from TODAY morning news. I thought I would continue with the marriage concept which I used READY OR NOT film to show a marriage scene.

M.R & M.RS. SMITH 2005 clips are showed in the black and white fashion during the "your wife is a spy" line from ALLIED. This was a great choice for the main story of this concept, making Angelina look like the villain. I avoided using her film from SALT because I thought that's too popular, eventually used FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER film which ended up lacking. Despite the challenge looking for Angelina clips I rely on CHARLIE'S ANGELS action sequence by turning it into a fight scene involving her.

The line " Are you ok baby" is from MR. and MRS Smith movie. I wanted to create a scene when bad guys attacking them then showing perspective from the outside of the house someone getting beat up, then clip from Allies when Brad Pitt was protecting his girl. Also showing money and a masked man, implying that they are disguising and planning to escape.

Of course one of the elements of this franchise are the weapons in closet. I almost used clips from Charlies Angels but used G.I JOE RETALIATION instead. I almost forgot to include BY THE SEA film which has both actors in it. Overall I enjoyed making this concept, I thought that the story was well represented, despite the lack of Angelina Jollie I was able to pull it.
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►VIDEO CREDIT | M.R & M.RS. SMITH 2005 | ALLIED 2016 | READY OR NOT 2019 | UNFINISHED BUSINESS 2015 | FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER 2017 | CHARLIE'S ANGELS | BY THE SEA 2015 | G.I JOE RETALIATION 2013 | Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Discuss Marriage, New Film, Cancer Fight BY TODAY


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