Corvette vs. Nissan S14! | Frenemies EP1

Corvette vs. Nissan S14! | Frenemies EP1

Matt drives a Chevy Corvette. Odi drives a Nissan 240SX S14. Both want to win. But they're on the same team. Are they friends, or enemies? .....they're Frenemies! --see what we did there? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You've seen Matt Field's Formula Drift C6 Corvette build before in the Field Prep series: He's back with his teammate Odi Bakchis both in the Falken Tire teal & blue for another season of Frenemies, starting at round 1: Long Beach!

Check out how the Corvette vs. Nissan S14 battle stacks up all season.

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