RNC chair McDaniel insists Jacksonville convention will be safe and healthy after city mandates mask

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Republican National Committee (RNC) ChairwomanRonna McDanieljoined Fox & Friends Tuesday to explain howthe RNC plans to hold a safe convention in Jacksonville, Fla. this August despite the surge of coronavirus cases in the state. Were going to . . . listen tothe local authorities and were going to makesure this is a safe and healthyconvention, said McDaniel, who added that the RNC would "abide by what the mayorand the governor are saying. Over the weekend, hundreds of Floridasent a letterto Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and the city council that called for the RNC tobe either "very significantly reduced in numbers" or postponed. "Allowing this number of people to descend on Jacksonville is unequivocally provocative of disease, predictably harmful, and medically disrespectful to the citizens of this city, much less the rest of the country," read the letter, which was firstreported by First Coast News. On Monday,Jacksonville mandated the wearing of masksindoors as well as in outdoor locations where social distancing is not possible. FLORIDA DOCTORS TELL JACKSONVILLE MAYOR HOSTING REPUBLICAN CONVENTION MEDICALLY DISRESPECTFULThe business portion of the convention -- at whichPresident Trump is set to be officially nominated as the Republican candidatewill take place in Charlotte, N. C. , while the celebratory portion will take place in Jacksonville. The big set-piece events were moved from North Carolina after a clash between the RNCand North Carolina officials over health restrictions. The difference withCharlotte is the governor wouldgive us no guidance," McDaniel said, "so we kept continually coming tohim and saying, We will testpeople,we will do this and that and hesaid, Im not going to give youany guidance. And in Florida, its not aboutpolitics, its about health andsafety. Were going to test everybody, she continued. Were going
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