Amberlynn Reid "Cooking" | Part 9

Amberlynn Reid "Cooking" | Part 9

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Amberlynn shows us her favorite hot sauce!

Amberlynn has told us she does not like to cook, however when she does cook she shows us her recipe. She has been cooking since she was younger and shows us her most favorite homemade foods. In this video the Timeline of Amberlynn cooking on YouTube continues.

Amberlynn is making more complex meals and even making meals for the purpose of meal prepping to help with weight loss. She also shows us her favorite seasonings to use in every meal. In this video we see Amberlynn cooking some of her favorite things on YouTube, she makes a breakfast bagel with sausage and cucumber, a stir-fry with chicken and an interesting new soup recipe. She also likes to use her favorite hot sauce with almost every meal.

This is the continuation of Amberlynn’s cooking journey on YouTube and the timeline that will continue in other videos.

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