10 Biggest Creatures Ever Captured

10 Biggest Creatures Ever Captured

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10 Biggest Creatures Ever Captured

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Humans are so lucky not to exist in the Jurassic era, where most of the biggest, spookiest, and deadliest predators in all of history walked the planet. While many of these creatures had gone extinct millions of years ago (or so we believed), other animals are roaming our living world today that relate us to their titanic sizes.

Though some of these animals still lie undiscovered in the deepest parts of the universe, many had been captured and displayed for us to marvel at. And in today's video, we give you the ten biggest creatures ever captured.

Watch out for the biggest champ holding the title for countless generations in the animal kingdom. Without much dilly-dally, let's take off.

Number 10: Megabat

Bats have long been at the center of many horror flicks, as blood-sucking demons or merciless women-killers. And with the recent news of massive bats the size of a man, there might be some basis for these stories in real life.

One of these human-shaped bats was captured by a military personnel group some years ago in the Filipino forest. Though the image may appear unbelievable at first, these massive bats do exist and are called large flying foxes or the old world fruit-bats. They are found lurking the local skies in the Philippines with a wingspan that can extend nearly up to 6 feet.

However, other than their terrifying sight, you have little to worry about when close to megabats as they don't suck blood or eat fetuses as fairy tales paint them to be. Rather, they feed on nectar, big fruits, and pollen.

As you would have already figured out, Megabats are the largest bat species ever, with a size comparable to some adult pterosaurs, believed to have gone extinct for more than 60 million years ago.

Number 9: Asian Giant Salamander

When you debate the size of a salamander with your friends, the highest figure on your list would probably be a description that can fit right on your palm. But we have to impress on you that these slimy creatures that look cute in a blood-curdling sort of way can grow way beyond that.

They can extend up to 5 feet and weigh up to 143 pounds, especially if it's an Asian salamander, like this one stranded beside a road close to the Kamo river in Kyoto, Japan.

While little information is known about how this giant creature got there in the first place, the animal could have easily measured well over 3 feet or the size of a big human baby—thereby placing it on a high-wanted list of local hunters. But kudos to the local response team who secured a safe passage for the animal back into the river.

Though it's unusual to see one wander so far out from its comfort zone, Asian giant salamanders are known to be the largest amphibians and one of the world's rarest kinds today, with a population that declines every day owing to habitat loss.

Number 8: Lolong

Measured at 20ft 3 inches and weighing 2,370 pounds, Lolong stood to be the largest crocodile ever caught and placed in captivity. He was also one of the biggest crocodiles ever measured from snout to tail, and we've talked lots about him and other massive crocodiles in our video titled "the top 10 largest crocodiles in the world". If you haven't seen it, you should check it out.

Lolong was captured alive in Bunawan Township on September 3, 2011. And like all saltwater crocodiles, the search was launched when he was suspected of attacking several people, including a 12-year-old girl whose head was found near the river,and a fisherman reported missing some days before. Even after mapping out the Lolong's hideout, he was hunted over three weeks, and it took around 100 people to bring him onto land.

Though he became aggressive at several points of his capture, breaking his restraining ropes for more than twice, Lolong surprisingly became docile after a few months in captivity at a Crocodile Farm in the Philippines. His excellent tolerance for humans caught many people unaware, and he led locals to a deeper appreciation of the natural world around them.

Number 7: Whale Shark

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012, this big shark's carcass was found off the shore of the Arabian sea in Pakistan. Though this is not the first time such a massive creature would be hauled in the Pakistani seaport, Karachi, this is one of the biggest catches ever in its history as it closed up to the largest confirmed 41-feet whale shark record.