The Parasite Island Finale Episode | December 6, 2019 (With Eng Subs)

Published by : ABS-CBN Entertainment
Jessie’s and Janelle’s groups reunite as they try to escape the Infected Ones’ clutches. Queenie (Desiree del Valle) rises from the dead and exacts her revenge on the Salvacions by making them her human leeches. Warren (Michael Flores) orders the platoon led by Col. Felipe (Chris Tan) to hold their fire amid the threat with Queenie (Desiree del Valle). The Infected Ones return to their normal selves after Queenie’s (Desiree del Valle) demise. As the Salvacions return to their mansion in El Cuerpo, Jessie (Rafael Rosell) and Gary (Bernard Palanca) offer their support to the mourning Warren (Michael Flores). Gary (Bernard Palanca) expresses his willingness to face any charges after admitting his involvement in the gold rush pyramid scam. Jessie (Rafael Rosell) promises his departed father that he will protect their family at all costs. Jessie (Rafael Rosell) and Janelle (Ria Atayde) express their unconditional love for each other as they renew their wedding vows. Warren (Michael Flores) shares the news of the capture of the gold rush pyramid scam masterminds, much to Gary's (Bernard Palanca) delight. Gary (Bernard Palanca) and Jessie (Rafael Rosell) congratulate Warren (Michael Flores) for his promotion to general rank. After sharing his parent's plan to file a divorce, Miggy (Paulo Angeles) implies to Lia (Kaori Oinuma) his feelings for her. Miggy (Paulo Angeles) and Lia (Kaori Oinuma) catch Melba (Bianca Manalo) reading a heartfelt letter from Gary (Bernard Palanca). Lia (Kaori Oinuma) comforts the sullen Princess (Charlie Dizon) as the latter mourns the loss of their loved ones. The Salvacion brothers manage to settle their past disputes and strengthen their formerly strained relationship. (With English Subtitles)

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Episode Cast:
Rafael Rosell (Jessie) / Bernard Palanca (Gary) / Ria Atayde (Janelle) / Desiree del Valle (Queenie) / Bianca Manalo (Melba) / Liza Lorena (Daria) / Sandy Aloba (Daria’s doctor) / Zeppi Borromeo (Otap) / Charlie Dizon (Princess) / Paulo Angeles (Miggy) / Kaori Oinuma (Lia) / Fino Herrera (TJ) / Michael Flores (Warren) / Mark Dionisio (Arce) / Rhea Aquino (Kapitana) / Miko Peñaloza (Basilio)/ Fino Herrera (Victor Medina)

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