Manila to Melbourne with Cebu Pacific Review including Puerto Princesa

Published by : Stefano Ferro - MEL365
Manila to Melbourne with Cebu Pacific review
I flew from Melbourne to Coron via Manila and back to Australia from Puerto Princesa to Melbourne via Manila.
The Melbourne to Manila flight with Cebu is an A330, with good space for the legs.
Cebu Pacific is a Low Coast airline which means an unbeatable price with a compromise. Food is not included however it can be ordered on-line or directly on the flight at a very reasonable price.
Beverage prices are more expensive than in the Philippines but half than in Australia (beer at AU$4 to give you an idea).
There is no entertainment, so you better get organised with your mobile or even better a tablet.
Overall was a pleasant flight, at a great price too.
At the check-in they verify your luggage weight, however, I never got checked the hand luggage weight.
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