Short walk at Auckland Zoo

Published by : Swap2green
Enjoy a short walk with me today at Auckland Zoo

Walking is not only a great exercise but also improves overall mental health too.

About Mistletoe

One of these, a variety of red mistletoe was last sighted in 1954 and sadly, is now thought to be extinct. Of the remaining eight species that call New Zealand home,
two are found in beech forest, with the other five are found in lowland forest and scrub land.

our white mistletoe is semi-parasitic which sounds a lot worse than it is! Over millions of years, these plants were able to adapt haustorium – special roots which allow them to attach onto the branches of
suitable plants and extract water and nutrients from their ‘host’. The host plants are not damaged or hurt by this process, and host plant and mistletoe can co-habitate together within Nz's forest
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