15 Marvel Characters Who Had To Host The Venom Symbiote Against Their Will

15 Marvel Characters Who Had To Host The Venom Symbiote Against Their Will

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Venom’s Symbiote Hosts in the Marvel Universe

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The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man just wanted to get a wardrobe upgrade. He’d been rocking the red and blue for decades and it was time for a change, but when he stuck his hand in the machine on the Battleworld during Secret Wars, he got more than he bargained for. Soon, he found himself the unwitting host of the Marvel Universe’s most famous Klyntarian symbiote, the symbiote known as the essential part of Venom. After being torn from Peter Parker and joining Eddie Brock, the Venom symbiote has had one of the biggest love hate relationships with the wall crawler.

While his relationship with Brock and Parker is always top on his list, the Venom symbiote has gotten around. From Flash Thomspon to Mac Gargan to Harry Osborne, the Venom symbiote has found itself bonding with Parker’s friends and foes. Even in the multiverse, Venom has played musical chairs with hosts, finding its way to Spider-Gwen, Hawkeye and even a T-Rex. It’s managed to play the role of villain, hero, anti-hero and even refugee. It used the Guardians of the Galaxy to hitch a ride back to Klyntar where the symbiote creator Knull was imprisoned and acted as Earth’s ambassador. No matter who the Venom symbiote has bonded with, it hasn’t worked out for them in the end. No matter how attractive the powers of Venom are, the relationship always ends up too clingy for the hosts to endure. Let’s look at some of the people Venom has hitched a ride with.


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