20 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

20 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

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20 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

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Selfies are easy and harmless enough to take: Just turn a camera around, strike a pose, and record
yourself in a memorable place in time. However, incredible and sometimes dangerous events can
unfold during that moment of inattentiveness. According to a study, more than 280 people die
while taking dangerous selfies, deliberately or otherwise. Today, we are going to show you some
of the most dangerous selfies ever taken! Number 1 will definitely give you the creeps, so watch
out for that!
Hit by a train!
A lot of people have risked their lives while taking selfies near the railway track, especially in
India. One of them was Jared Michael, who was taking a selfie along a railway when a train
zoomed past him at full speed — and just inches away. The train's conductor kicked Michael in
the head mid-selfie, presumably to get him out of harm's way. Michael walked away uninjured,
and his original April 2014 YouTube video of the incident went viral. It has more than 39 million
views by now and it shows the full event taking place. He recently posted an explainer video, in
which he calls himself a "dummy" and the selfie attempt a "stupid mistake."

Selfie with sharks
From this video, you have gotten the idea that people love to put their lives in danger even it for
a selfie… especially if it's for a selfie! More people have died taking selfies than from shark
attacks, so it looks like this daredevil is tempting death while encouraging others to do the same.
But in his Instagram post, he said that he has been diving for over a decade and done 1000's
dives around the world, meaning he has a lot of experience. It is important that you get specific
training before just jumping in the water with sharks, and worse take selfies with them!

Russian model gets the perfect shot in Dubai
Russian model Viki Odintcova risked her life for the perfect shot in Dubai. The model is pictured
leaning on a high-rise building with no support or equipment except for the guy whose hand
she’s holding. The video gives a sense of how dangerous the selfie really is! The man also
appears not to have any support except a small beam beside him that he’s leaning on with the
other hand.


Bad friends
The caption for this Instagram post says it all: "What some people would not do for a selfie."
What friend thought taking a photo of a friend goofing off like this, almost plunging to their
death for a photo was a good idea? She really really needs to reevaluate her friendships
Selfie with gator
Granted, fatal alligator attacks are super rare; since 1973, there have only been 24 reported. But
we should definitely avoid them, unlike this guy. It almost looks like the alligator came out of
the water to take a selfie with the person. How cute is that!?

Hot selfie
So many people are taking volcano selfies that the Royal Geographic Society in the UK has been
warning people to stop due to deadly falls. Once you drop in molten lava there is no saving. But
did that stop these two girls from taking a selfie next to it? Nope. Everyone just wants to be cool
these days, even if it results in a deadly situation.
Bull attack
The running of the bulls in Pamplona dates back to 1591. Three people were stabbed at the 2019
running of the bulls that too without taking any selfies! So, maybe snapping a pic while fleeing
isn't the wisest thing to do in such a situation? But we have to say, what perfect click that is. The
poor guy getting hit by the bull probably lost a limb or two and still ended up becoming a meme!

Selfie in between pilot fighting
Pilots are some of the bravest people around. Imagine taking a moment to snap a selfie seconds
before launching an air-to-air missile. This guy doesn’t even have to imagine In truth, it was
captured by a GoPro in the cockpit and not by hand, but it is a scary if he were to lose focus. The
pilot in the shot, Thomas Kristensen is said to be an experienced pilot who has completed
missions over Afghanistan, Libya and ex-Yugoslavia.