Will GF Trade BF for Mansion, Ferrari, and Rich Rapper?! (loyalty test)

Will GF Trade BF for Mansion, Ferrari, and Rich Rapper?! (loyalty test)

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Jaquan wanted to place his girlfriend Melissa to the Gold Digger Test so we hired our friend Ant to pretend to be rich and ask Melissa on a date! Jaquan will be listening in to wether Melissa accepts or declines going on that date! Jaquan has many things going well for him in his life including his career, his daughter, and more so he cant waste any time on things that are not worth it! Well, today Jaquan will learn if Melissa is loyal and worth keeping around! Will Mckenzie be exposed as a golddigger? Will she cheat/ is she a cheater? Will she fail or pass the gold digging/ loyalty test?!?! Is she money hungry? Will this gf be caught by her bf?! Watch till this end to see if this boyfriend catches, exposes, and confronts his girlfriend! This video will make our Top 10!

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